We analyze the development trend of Trademe in the New Zealand and provide the latest information of www.trademe.co.nz.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Analysis on Regional Interest of Web Search for "Trademe.co.nz "

Analysis on Regional Interest of Web Search for "Trade Me"

      "Trademe.co.nz" is the biggest Internet-auction website operating in New Zealand. Its website is the most visited in New Zealand and is ranked 1213th globally.

      The top four regions on the searching list are Marlborough,Tasman, Auckland and Northland. Marlborough has the best handymen in New Zealand and it is famous for the exquisite handicraft works. Probably people always trade them on "Trade Me“.

      Auckland has the biggest size of web searching volume which is followed by Christchurch and Nelson. Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and the national industrial commercial and trade center as well. In fact, it is also the economic capital of New Zealand. And perhaps it is the reason why Auckland rises to the first place.

       "www.Trademe.co.nz" shares many features with other online auction-websites, such as eBay. These features include "Buy Now", "Auto bidding" and the Safe Trader escrow service.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Analysis of trademe.co.nz's search volume

We can see from the graph,in January 2004,the search volume was 19%,and then it started to grow.During the time,it increased and decreased for many times.In October 2005,the search volume was 46%,and then declined,then grew,repeated in this way for many times.In March 2009,the search volume was 31%,after that,it grew very rapidly,and reached its peak in August 2009,but had a decline right away.There were several increase in later time,but had a big decrease from April 2010,and reached its bottom in March 2011.After that,it declined slowly,in June 2013,the search volume was 10%.
Trademe.co.nz is most popular in New Zealand,the second is in  Australia,but the search volume is only 1%.So it is mainly used in New Zealand.